Riding to Romania – 16 (home)

Riding to Romania

September 14 – 29, 2019

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The Alpenrose was a peaceful, quiet and comfortable hotel. I woke up happy and refreshed and ready to hit the road. This, unfortunately, was easier said than done. Because St Anton is a small place, our hotel’s parking accommodations, a large multi-story car park, were across the main road from us. We carried our bags across, loaded up the bikes and made for the garage exit. Except that the instructions our host gave us didn’t work. We tried a few different things, but eventually Dan called Johannes, who eventually had to come over to let us out.

Just us and a snow blower

Ok, now we were ready to hit the road!

Heavy shadows of morning

Our starting point of St Anton meant that we had an early start on Arlberg Pass. The sun was pleasant and I was happy to be going over a proper mountain pass for once!

Coming down from Arlberg

From here, it was just a matter of following the valley to the far end of the country. Our road would occasionally closely parallel the main motorway, but it felt so much better to be on two lanes and enjoying the towns and scenery.

The town of Bludenz looked like a good place to check out some day

Another compromised castle

And then suddenly we were in Liechtenstein!

And almost as suddenly, we were in Switzerland

The Rhine river that divides the two countries

Almost home!

We took the motorway the rest of the way home. By now we were eager to get back to our apartment (and my kitties), and put the bikes up after a thorough washing.

We traveled about 4,300 kilometers in those last two weeks. It had only taken four years of planning, but I finally got a chance to see Romania. And now that I know more about the countries to the east of us, I can better plan future trips for more exploration.

General overview of the entire trip

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