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  1. Hello, congrats for your picks an history! I’ha found you looking for some guy in Basel how can help me to find a store or shop in Basel to buy stuffs to my F800gs.
    I’m brasilian and staying in Basel to visit my sisters until Jan, 17.
    Could you tell me some websites from stores in Basel to buy parts and accessories and get delivered to her house?
    I apreciate your help.

    • DantesDame says:

      hi Leandro
      Welcome to Basel 🙂 There is a BMW shop in Basel (Toff), but for a really good shop with lots of selection, check out MotoMader. If you want better prices, check out loius.de – but be careful about shipping into Switzerland, as there are rules about maximum values and additional VAT/handling/etc, charges. If you want to wait until you’re here and go to Louis in person, the Weil am Rhein location is very close and easy to get to.

      Good luck!

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