Riding to Romania

Riding to Romania

September 14 – 29, 2019

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It was years in the making: we would finally be on our way to visit the countries east of us! I had originally thought that we’d be taking this trip in 2015 but for various reasons, that original trip (and every year after that), had to be delayed. Finally, four years later, we were on our way!

Our plan was simple: head east as far as we could get before having to turn back for the return. We had a goal of the Black Sea, but it wasn’t a firm one; we’d enjoy what we could along the way. But not in Switzerland – we aimed to get away from our homeland and begin our trip in unknown lands.

Traffic was tolerable and we made quick work of the Swiss motorways. After a short break in St Gallen we left behind the fast roads and moved to the side roads – the side roads that would bring us close to the foot of the Bavarian Alps. The road slipped in and out of Germany and Austria, always giving us great views.

I had made reservations at Schlierseer Hof on the Schliersee. It seemed to be a good distance away from home and a beautiful setting to spend the evening. We found the hotel and went in, but the location was not in the village of Schliersee, but a few kilometers along the shore. I was a little disappointed at its remoteness, as I had been looking forward to exploring the streets of the unknown town. We rode our bikes to the Kuh am See Seehotel, found our room and unloaded the bikes.

Kuh am See Seehotel

Schliersee on the other side of the lake

As we were no where close to town, we were limited in our dinner choices. A nearby Italian restaurant looked good, and it served the purpose (although not exceptionally well). It was a bit of a disappointment to me on our first night on the road. Regardless, we were now on our first day of our two week motorcycle tour. Nothing could dampen my spirits for long!

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