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I’m still here!

It has been a long time – too long – since I had anything to add to my site. Remember that sore thumb from my birthday ride last February? It turned out I had completely torn the ligament on my thumb! Surgery was required, as well as a very long healing process. To be honest, it still isn’t one hundred percent, but it is getting there! All of that recovery time meant that I didn’t have the ability to do much else so I guess you could say that life was pretty quiet up until last month.

And now I have something to post! Dan and I took a two week trip to Spain! It has taken me a while to get around to writing it up, as we have a new garden and the weather has been excellent for it. Yes, I have been distracted by plants. And it has been either too hot or too rainy to get any good riding in, but I hope to fix that soon, too.

Now I invite you to join me for this adventure – but be warned: only the first day has been posted 🙂

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A full day’s ride in Switzerland

WARNING: Photo heavy!

I decided to reward myself with a full day’s ride on fun Swiss roads. The previous two weekends had been eaten by trips on high speed and boring motorways so I decided that today would be MY day. And what a day it was! I saw and did so much – it more than made up for the last few rides I’ve taken. There are a lot of photos, so prepare your internet for the onslaught!

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