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Good Customer Service

Just how important is that? You can make the best produce in the world, but if you won’t stand behind it, it is worth nothing. I recently had an atrocious customer service experience with Rick Mayer Cycle, purveyor of custom motorcycle seats. While his workmanship might be good, his lack of business acumen and customer service will prevent me from ever recommending him to anyone. You can read about my experience here.

“Caveat Emptor”

The Passing of a KLR

I’m about to part out one of my bikes, the green KLR that’s taken me so many miles and has been so much fun. I decided to commemorate the “life” of this bike by posting a bit about it here.

I’m not done with KLRs, not by a long shot. I have the 2001 “Swiss” KLR still to ride, although I am in the process of changing “skins” so that it’ll look like the green one by the time I’m done. It’ll just have 50,000 miles less on the odometer 🙂