Under the Tuscan…clouds? – Day 9

May 25 – June 2, 2019

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Homeward bound.

I supposed I could have just included this information with the previous day’s, as there isn’t that much to add. We took the motorway home, reaching Basel around 11:30. We decided to go directly to the car wash and remove some of the bugs that we had collected on our journey. Besides, it had been a while since the bikes has such attention.

Tunnel through the Jura mountains – a sure sign of “almost home!”

Washing the bikes – but why is there a horse there?

Oh! It is an Indian wedding

What is rather disturbing is that to the right is a massive recycling drop off point, and to the left is a concrete plant. Not the most scenic places for a wedding carriage ride.

Back to the business at hand

“Someone” wants to make sure that we don’t pack up again for a while!

Our trip to Tuscany was a success. Maybe not the most successful of trips, but it was enjoyable and interesting and educational. I have a lot more exploring to do, but every trip I take arms me with more knowledge on how to make the next trip even better. Thanks for reading!

Oh, and I thought this was pretty funny:


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