1. Erika LEEUWENBURGH says:

    Oh my.,,, your photos were beautiful. What s wonderful trip. I did wonder if it was cold or cool while riding. I wish to one day travel as you are traveling. You are living the good life. Be well, Erika

    • DantesDame says:

      Hi Erika! It is good to hear from you and I hope that you’re doing well, too.
      I guess it depends on your definition of “cool”. We were happy most of the time with the temps, with the lowest being about 47F at the passes. Of course dropped back down into the valley to Bellizona just meant that we had too much gear on and had to stop to shed it, as the temps rose to 75F.

  2. As always, love your photos. We haven’t ridden as much as we would have liked as we were both working lots during the last couple of months. In November we will be in Germany for a week of business and a week of adventuring (no bike riding this go round); it will be my first time in Europe!

    • DantesDame says:

      Thank you for the compliment!
      A week in Germany for adventuring – sounds excellent! Do you know where you’ll be visiting yet? It’s a big country (at least by European standards 🙂 )

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