London Calling-4

June 16-19, 2018

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The advantage of staying at a hotel means that you can leave your bags with them until you actually need to catch your flight. We packed up our room, stuffed things into our bags, left them in the hotel’s luggage room and headed out to enjoy our last day in the city.

More London architecture

Tea time

We didn’t have any plans, even less so than our previous three days. Other than a couple of the big museums, we had seen pretty much what we had wanted to on this trip. But there was one more thing that would be easy to see in the amount of time we had left, and would be convenient to our hotel when we were done: The Imperial War Museum.

Imperial War Museum

It is an incredible museum. It was very well laid out with very interesting and unusual displays. And best of all, each display had useful and informative signage. This is too rare these days. And the displays weren’t just the typical “outfit from a WWII soldier”. No, they even included something called a “Demob Suit“, something I didn’t even know existed. Starting from the ground floor and working your way up meant that you climbed through the years, with the top floor dedicated to the Holocaust.

Unfortunately I was reaching the end of my limits with regard to walking, and getting through the last few displays was done more so as a quick overview than actually taking the time to read all of the information provided. This was too bad, as it really was well laid out.

We departed the museum, walked by the hotel to pick up our bags and took the Tube to Paddington Station. We picked up a couple of Cornish pasties to munch on during the train ride back to the airport.

Paddington Station

It was a relaxing flight home, with a quick bus ride to our apartment, where the kitties viewed us with suspicion, but were eager to sniff our luggage. Typical!

Somewhere off the English coast

The Vosges Mountains (France)