Chamonix – Bike ‘n Hike (Day 1)

June 6 – 10, 2023

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We woke up early the next day with a vague plan of “let’s go hiking!” We could see the cable cars moving periodically across the valley and decided to head for the base station, ride up, and then see where we could go from there.

A beautiful morning in Chamonix

It turned out that the cable cars weren’t open and we would have to find an alternative plan. A little googling informed us that there was a trail called “The Balcony” that followed the valley and would give us a moderate workout and maybe some views. Sure, let’s go!

Looking down on Chamonix

Trail workers doing some work

Silly (and failed) attempt at a group photo

We reached the end of the trail and started back towards town along the roads, stopping for a wonderful lunch at a place whose name I forget. But it was amazing!

Lunch view

After lunch we walked back into Chamonix and explored more of the city on foot. It was a very pleasant place to wander.

Great windows inside the church entry (Paroisse Saint Bernard du Mont-Blanc)

It had been a good day. The easy hike gave us all a good chance to reconnect and catch up on life.

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