Snow? Here?

I knew before moving here that Basel doesn’t get a lot of snow. Yes, it is Switzerland, but it is also along the Rhine, not in the Alps. So when it started to snow last night, I was happy to see it. It is bordering on freezing, but the ground is still warm enough so that it isn’t sticking. That’s ok; it still looks good in the trees.

On the way to the store

Garbage collection is technically “free” in Basel. The catch is that you have to buy and use these very specific bags. Dan and I call them “Baby bags”

It wants to be spring

I got home and started the laundry and put the groceries away. When I looked out the kitchen window I saw a kitty in our back garden. I went to the door and said Hi. She (?) was shy but managed to find some courage when she saw that I had some treats. She head butted me repeatedly once she realized that I was a cat lover. I don’t think that Dante would appreciate having a friend in the house, as he seems to relish his “only cat” status, so I left her out in the cold, her cute little face meowing at me through the door.

After updating my website with other information and having a bit of bread to tide me over, I decided to go back to a different store and get some items that I hadn’t picked up yet. I took a round about way and stumbled upon Konnenfeld Park. It looked really beautiful with its fresh mantle of snow

But first, the ugliest church I’ve ever seen:

Park entrance

I walked through the park and came out the other side and then went to the store. I had a bit of trouble finding the “Baby bags” and ended up asking someone who works there. I amuse myself with these conversations, as I practice what I’m going to say before I start and even anticipate what their answer might be so that I might understand it best. It turned out I had to ask two people, as the first person (correctly) pointed me to the floral corner of the store. But I couldn’t see the bags so I asked the woman working there. Apparently I wasn’t completely crazy, as the bags are kept behind the counter. I bought a roll of 10 small bags for CHF12 and continued my shopping.

Going home

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