Random pictures

Today I decided to walk to the other side of town and back. It was a nice sunny day so I didn’t think that it would be too bad. I waited until 10:30 to leave, however, as it was only -8C when I got up and I was hoping that the sun’s rise would improve that.

It is amazing what the addition of some sunshine can do to make a day seem more cheerful.

Tram tracks in the snow

Clearing the playing field after the night’s snowfall

Children sledding on the hillside

Trimming the trees – waaaaay up high

Local Yamaha shop decoration

The biggest Migros in town (“M Parc”) has a good use for the support of its massive sign: solar panels

Tracks leading away from the Basel SBB

Window grate artwork

A working sundial

Today’s walk (approximately 8.3km)

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