January Ride South

January 10, 2015

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It was the best weather we’d been forecasted in weeks – at least since I’ve been under the weather after Christmas. Dan, unfortunately, wasn’t feeling up for a ride but encouraged me to head out. My sanity appreciated it and I decided to meander south.

The first thing I did was to retrace my steps over the pass I’d crossed on Christmas Day. This time it wasn’t 2C, but a balmy 14C! It was like spring!

Near Mariafield

A much warmer day than last time

The low sun made me regret not wearing my Arai with the bill

South of Delémont I discovered a wonderful canyon road. The high walls kept the sun out of my eyes and the rushing creek was a great accompaniment. A few cars in front of my checked my enthusiasm on some of the corners, but it was definitely worth coming back to check out again.

I didn’t have a plan for the day, so I headed for Biel. Then I caught a glimpse of the Alps in the distance and decided to angle that way, too. They were clear on the horizon, covered in brilliant white snow; I couldn’t resist. The temperature was perfect – for January. I had my heated jacket but it never left the top case. The heated grips only came on once in a while, usually in the colder air near the lakes. My biggest complaint (actually, my only complaint) for the day was the sun (!). I had left the Arai at home, thinking that I’d feel warmer in my Shoei standard street helmet. That might have been the case, but I was greatly missing the bill that acts as a sun block on the off-road type helmet. Visibility was lacking much too often for my liking.

Cool tunnel entrance

Not all towns are picturesque

At least half a dozen tunnels along here

I was trying to avoid the city of Bern, despite the fact that I was aiming directly for it. I jumped off the motorway and started to wander some of the back roads. I had the idea to check out my mother-in-law’s hometown and put it into the GPS. Forty-five minutes to my destination!

Alps in the distance

Narrow – and empty! – backroads

Nice garden

Orange posts don’t have much of a job to do without the snow

January has short days and considering that I didn’t leave the apartment until after noon, I didn’t have much daylight left. I realized that I’d never make it to my destination and then home again before it got dark. I abandoned my goal, putting it off for a warmer and longer day and set my GPS for home.

The GPS showed that I was near a lake and I decided to go in for a closer look. In between me and the lake was the town of Murten. The cobblestone streets were open to street traffic, which surprised me, and I rode through them as best as I could. The beautiful day had brought out many visitors and they took over the streets. I worked my way back out of the town center and decided to beeline it straight home. No more curvy roads, no more Jura passes. Just me and the motorway until I was back in my parking spot.


View of Murtensee

Low angled light

Sunset behind me

I got home before darkness had fallen completely. The temperatures had dropped considerably since the sun slipped over the horizon

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