Destination: BBQ

April 16, 2016

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Just a quick posting of photos of a day ride. A friend had spent some time out of the country on her own motorcycle trip and she held a BBQ upon her return. The weather wasn’t always the best, but riding is riding, right?

That’s right: I passed him

Nothing can beat Switzerland in the spring

The sun creates an island of light for this farm

Spring leaves

Oh look! The Alps!

No, I have no idea

Swiss Army Depot

The BBQ was good, although a heavy rain fell while we ate. Conversations centered around motorcycles and travel and people had a good time. I eventually said my good byes and made my way back to the bike for the ride home.

Following the Rhine

Old tank traps

The sunshine didn’t last long

All-in-all, a nice day out on the bike. And it is no longer clean!

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