Dan and I take on the Jura!

October 13, 2013

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Or at least that’s what we thought we’d do. The weather was forecasted to be pretty nice, especially considering it had rained the last couple of days. But what we didn’t count on was the cold. The further south we got the further down the temperatures dropped. Dan registered a low of 4C (39F). This normally wouldn’t have been a problem but neither of us were running heated grips and our fingers got cold after just a couple of hours.

Still, the sun was shining and the fields were ready for the harvest. It was a good day for a ride.

Fields of vegetables

Dan was waiting for me while I took pictures and it was funny to note how the passing traffic slowed down considerably when driving by. Apparently they feared a bit of police presence.

Officer Dan

The still un-manned French border

And then we came to the beginning of the end. The valley in front of us was completely engulfed in clouds. Once we dropped down into it the temperature dropped as well. We didn’t last long in those conditions and decided to head home instead of freezing our fingers off completely.

Valley of Clouds

Wet roads in the shadows

Of course by the time we had returned to Basel the temperature had risen back up to the high teens and we almost regretted coming home. Next weekend is supposed to be nice as well – maybe we can try again.

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