Castles and Towers

I realized the other day that I’m probably going to see some cool castles in the future and that I might want to keep track of them. This page will remain a repository of all of the ones that I see, simply adding new ones to the bottom of the page as I go.

To start us off, I present to you the Château de Landskron (France). For a full history of the landmark, the Wiki page is fairly in-depth. Built before 1297, it has had a long and varied history. I would love to go back in time and see how it used to look, but today it only offered me vague hints at what occurred there over the last few centuries.

We walked up the hill (with many other hikers) while a couple of horses and their riders came down

The sounds of sheep greeted us as we left the village behind

Going in the right direction

We didn’t even know that there was a castle at the top of the hill until we saw the sign. Then we saw our new destination:

The town we had started from (Fluh)

Crossing into France

Friendly local

The main gate

Not a lot was left from the original structure

I can’t believe the brickwork was still holding!

The castle had been (partially) restored in 1996; I am assuming that these doors date back to then.

View from the top, looking further into France

That’s all for now!

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