BMW 1150 GS

* * * S O L D * * *

One friend called this bike a pachyderm and I can see the resemblance. Big and heavy, it goes forever and goes through anything. Mine is a 2001 BMW R1150GS and I picked it up in May of 05 and immediately put 15,000 miles on it within four months. I wanted this bike for the luxuries that the KLR couldn’t give me. It has a power outlet to allow me to wear my heated jacket and gloves, heated grips, heated seat, lockable hard bags, excellent gas range, a more comfortable seat, superior lighting and a smoother ride. When people ask “if you could have any bike, what would it be?” I point to this bike. It will do anything that I want. I can travel across the country and no longer be concerned if that squiggle on the map was paved or not. The GS will tackle it without hesitation. Its my hesitation that will slow me down!

Cross country trip

Naked without the bags

Ready for the road

Roslyn, Washington

Crossing Death Valley

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