Who Am I?

Welcome to DantesDame.com, the best place to follow my adventures whether they are simply commuting to work, traveling the back roads of southern Mexico or hitting the expansive tundra of the Arctic. Personal notes, travel journals and photos are here for your enjoyment. As always, feedback and comments are appreciated – and the occasional constructive criticism will be tolerated.

People have asked me why the name “DantesDame”. It became my screen name in the early days of my computer online presence in the early 90´s. Even at that time most of the unique-but-simple screen names were taken by other users of AOL Instant Messaging, the Big Name for online chat rooms. I resorted to more creative and individualistic sources of inspiration. I had four cats and, one by one, I tried their names but nothing was available for me to use. I then tried various combinations of words and cat names, eventually hitting upon “DantesDame”, figuring that Dante being one of my cats and I’m his “dame” it would work just fine. The moniker stuck as a user name and I am now known by hundreds as DantesDame, sometimes just “Dante” and occasionally by my real name, Colleen.

So pour yourself a beverage, sit back and enjoy taking a journey with me. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to go on your own adventures and make memories that you can cherish for years to come.


  1. Michael D Bishop says:

    I came across you wesite as I am looking at KLRs. The pics are great and the information is even better. I’ve riden Harleys and I am thinking of expanding to duel sport. I know, big change. Who would have thought camping and going on dirt road or less. What a great mix!!

    thank you,

  2. Monika van der Veer says:

    Came across your website while looking at info on the trans canada trail (great how the net can take you off in cool directions). I’m just in the process of buying a KLR to do a bit of dual sporting. Been riding on the black top for many years, but now want to combine my love of nature (hiking, climbing, etc) with being able to ride right out to great spots.
    I found your site very inspiring. You seem like a very cool woman – the world needs more people (especially women) like you!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Denise says:

    I agree with Monika. I am a new rider (less than a year) and found your site inspiring to me, as well. I also share a passion for the outdoors and hiking, and I’m excited about all the possibilities for combining this with riding! I came across your site while searching for info about motocamping. My husband and I already had the lightweight/backpacking gear, so we are finding out that motocamping is a pretty natural transition for us.
    I have really enjoyed reading about your trips, and I’m looking forward to following you on your site to see where you will go next!

    • DantesDame says:

      I’m so glad that you and Monika have found my site useful and inspirational! Hopefully I can work out a few interesting trips this summer for your (and my) enjoyment 🙂

  4. Jeff Katzer says:

    Howdy, I heard your episode on the Pace Podcast… Chris better get off his you-know-what or you could just end up taking is place. Well done. Fun stuff on your blog (I’m a former KLR rider) I’m gonna keep an eye on your travels. Thanks for the entertainment. Kat

  5. Rich in Alabama says:

    Very nicely done my dear. Great pics, stories, humility and inspiration for many. Keep it going, you have a new fan.

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