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Here is a collection of various motorcycle links, some of them informative, some entertaining and some for no reason at all. If you find a broken link, or have a suggestion of something to add, please let me know!

Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator Not sure how a certain bike will “fit” you? Then try this handy tool!
STN Locator has its own “on the road” helpline. Join up and become part of the fun!
– My “Top 10 List for Alaska” via SoundRider

Other Bloggers and Podcasts
The Pace Podcast
Laura’s Travels
Motoraid Blog
My own interview, as performed by
Lois on the Loose!
Jeremy Kroeker
Motorcycle Adrenaline
Poor Circulation

Motomania animations:
– – “Nuerburgring”
– – “Korrekt”
– – “Megaeisen”

– – Travel Across the US in 1903
– – Women and Motorcycles in History
– – Vivian Bales: The Enthusiast Girl The first H-D cover girl in 1929 rides 5,000 miles

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