March randomness

I have missed out on some crappy pre-spring weather, instead hunkered down in my apartment with a three-week long cold. I thought that spring had arrived as I awoke from my own hibernation, but then the snow started to fall. Per usual in these days of weird weather, everyone local has told me how “unusual” this weather is.

But I do get out once in a while and I find some interesting things that I’d like to share. Here goes!

In a light industrial park they’ve converted a couple of rail cars to mini parks.

Another fountain, previously undocumented!

The Basel Library (“GGG”). It took me a good 20 minutes just to find the entrance.

Creative parking, doubling as speed enforcement

Spring flowers!

Spring storm!

No acre-wide car lots here!

Babies on a tram!

Taste of America!

Thick snowfall

Looks like I need to hurry up and learn to read German better!

Teaching kids early that EVERY job is an important job!

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